Swellnet Australia Review of Thai StickSwellnet Australia is a website dedicated to surf reports and forecasts as well as surf photos, news, and videos.  Stu Nettle is the editor of Swellnet and he wrote a review of Thai Stick which is currently featured as an “Editor’s Pick” on the home page.

We appreciate this very thoughtful review from Stu.  Here is an excerpt:

Now this is a curious document; a treatise on marijuana smuggling told in a scholarly manner. A novelty indeed, because despite the prevalence of marijuana in Western culture a few volumes of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and a lyric sheet to Cypress Hill is about all this reader has been exposed to, and the narrative style of each represents the common stereotypes surrounding marijuana: either overblown caricature or base self-aggrandisement.

So a ‘serious’ book on marijuana smuggling co-authored by an eminent historian and war crimes investigator, and a career smuggler? Thai Stick – subtitled Surfers, Scammers and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade – is both original and intriguing.

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