Peter Maguire was recently interviewed by Contributing Editor to The Points Blog of the Alcohol and Drug History Society (ADHS), Claire Clark.  We thought this was a great starter question:

Q: Describe your book in terms your bartender could understand.

A. I would say that it’s the first serious and scholarly history of the marijuana trade. I’m an historian: I’ve written scholarly books on the Nuremberg Trials and the Khmer Rouge and very serious subjects. But I grew up around the marijuana trade and around smugglers. So I applied the same scholarly methods to a different subject that, up to this point, has been treated very lightly.

This insightful interview takes a historian’s point of view to the book to find out what makes it particularly interesting for historians and also touches on the research process involved in writing the book.

Peter also discusses the next book he’s working on which is a follow-up to Thai Stick and covers the time period of 1983 to the 1990’s, focusing more on the judicial system around drugs and smuggling.

Read the full interview here: The Points Interview: Peter Maguire