While on tour in Southeast Asia, historian and author, Peter Maguire, sat down for an interview with Bennett Murray for the Phnom Penh Post.  The high life: author on pot smuggling surfers of the 70’s covers Maguire’s own life growing up with the surfer smugglers, what made the Thai Sticks so special, and how Cambodia was a place of ‘no return’.  He also discusses the aftermath of the smuggler’s success and sheds some insight on where they are today.

Q: What was your first impression of the smugglers?

A: They were my idols as a teenager. Being down in Baha [Mexico] and seeing these guys fly in to the most remote desert in a Cessna with a beer in their laps. They would pull out their surfboards and surf the best two hours of the day, hop in their plane, and fly back to Cabo San Lucas for happy hour. They were Robin Hoods to us, and we looked up to them.

Read the full interview here: The high life: author on pot smuggling surfers of the 70’s.