The Surfer’s Journal published a journal entry online earlier this month discussing the research and history behind Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade.  A version of the Thai Stick story will appear in The Surfer’s Journal issue 23.2.

Here is an excerpt from the online journal entry:

Long before northern California’s “Green Triangle,” easy-access prescription dope, the glorious mid-’70s, Thailand’s Chao Phya River and the capitol of Bangkok was a smuggler’s paradise. Imagine if you will, a United States with no large-scale domestic growing operations. For the American “user,” rolling a fatty meant making sense of one of the most sideways channels in the modern drug trade.

Maguire and Ritter trace the trade route from the ganja fields in the hills of Thailand to the smugglers and their various travails to the dispersal of the product on the street back stateside. Drawing from years of experience, research, and interviews, they detail the buys, the busts, and the dealings between Vietnam GIs, drug lords, and DEA agents.

We look  forward to seeing the full spread in The Surfer’s Journal magazine early next year!

Read the full journal entry here: