Thai Stick was recently featured in the Bangkok Post just ahead of the Asian leg of the book tour. Correspondent Luke Hunt, who also interviewed Peter Maguire for The Diplomat, provides a review and write-up of Thai Stick for the Bangkok Post news.

US author Peter Maguire is as comfortable in big waves as a surfer as Mike Ritter was when smuggling drugs across the Pacific Ocean. Together they have written a fantastic tale, Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade.

Throughout, Maguire and Ritter are sympathetic. After all pot was considered a soft drug and those smuggling it would be likened to Robin Hood when compared with the American mobs and Mexican drug cartels which would ruthlessly run the cocaine and heroin rackets that followed.

What makes Thai Stick a great read is that the authors successfully capture the imagery of idyllic beaches and surfing which makes this all the more memorable for those who can remember the era. It also serves notice on the American war on drugs which would put thousands behind bars and cost billions of taxpayers’ dollars without making a dent on pot sales in America.

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